FAQ | Valencia's Hair Gallery

What kind of hair do you sell?

We specialize in sourcing Virgin Vietnamese Hair at retail prices. We also have a wholesale program for those who are interested in starting their own store (Raw Cambodian & Vietnamese available). Our hairs are cuticle aligned, and steamed processed to achieve the curls.

What color is the hair?

Our bundle colors are black, off black, natural brown. Because of the nature of virgin hair, that being the ends being lighter than the root, the hair bundle will carry unique colors that vary from your standard 1, 1B color scheme. Hence our hair DOES NOT come in jet black. When you place a order you will see only 'Natural Brown' as the color choice, however we will send you black bundles out as well. We will NEVER send you a light brown and a dark brown bundle out to any customer, we always mix them (Black, Black, Dark Brown etc). 

Can I color or bleach your hair?

Of Course! Our Virgin Vietnamese take color very well. We do recommend you consult a hair colorist just to be on the safe side. 

What grade is the hair?

There is no such thing as grade hair. This is a system that was made by Asian vendors to charge more for products. Actually, in this hair industry the system is unregulated, there are no 'big brother' watching over vendors. That is the main reason why everyone uses the term REMY so freely, which is to mean cuticle aligned hair. Valencia's Hair Gallery is committed to source hair from manufacturers, no dealers or trading companies of hair, this will ensure a consistent quality every time. 


How many ounces are in a bundle?

Our bundles are 3.5 oz

How many bundles do I need for a full head?

It depends on how full you want your hair to be and the length you are looking for. Here are our recommendations: 

14"-16"  2 Bundles

16"-18"  3 Bundles

20"- 24" 4-5 Bundles

How long does your hair last?

With proper care our hair can last up to 1 year. If the hair has been dyed it can last from 6 months up to a year.

Does your hair shed?

All hair sheds, your own natural hair sheds up to a 100 strands a day! We wont be one of those companies who will mislead you to think otherwise. Our hairs shed minimally, however, you need to keep up with our hair care tips, follow our blogs for more secrets revealed on the hair industry and what it means for you the customer. 

Can your hair be straightened and curled?

Yes. When coming into this business we made sure to test our hair curling ability. Our straight hair can hold a curl for 2-3 days, while our curly hair can be straightened, but we advice against this since it will diminish the curl pattern, cause the hair to lose its moisture content, which will end up with breakage.

Does your hair have a chemical or corn chip smell?

Whatttt?? Our hair smell like shampoooo! No chemical smell, since our hair wasn't placed in a acid bath to remove our cuticles we don't have a corn chip smell.

Is your hair true to length?

Our hair are true to length, and sometimes you may get a half inch to a inch longer bundle!

How often do you restock? 

At Valencia's Hair Gallery, we believe in quality hair direct from the source. With that been said, we will restock every Tuesday for hairs that are low in stock.

Are your closures and frontals bulky?

Oh no! Our closures and frontals are made from German Lace with a very natural hairline. The hair piece is costumed made to 120% density with baby hairs for you to customize to your liking. We made sure our hair systems don't carry a 'wiggy' look. Rest assured, VHG have a 30 day money back!